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Az Wellness Information, the power of Integrative, Complementary, Natural and Holistic Medicine. Alternative multicultural therapies/choices for everyday symptoms.

Please bookmark this site, we are adding new symptoms periodically. Click here if you are interested in volunteering (web designer and admin support) and/or contributing to the growth of this site.

WELCOME to Az Wellness. Info, “a website for all of your alternative healthcare choices...”

When you TRULY LOVE YOURSELF you respect and nurture all that has been given to you by your creator - the plants, animals, earth, air, water, the mountains, other spirits, human beings.etc... and if you choose not to respect and nurture what your creator has willingly provided, then it is questionable whether you love and respect the pure essence of your creator whatever religious beliefs you pursue…. !!!!!

The Universe.....

WELCOME: is a self-funding, referral based website created to encourage, educate, enlighten and empower our visitors to become responsible for their own individualized health and wellness concerns through personalized choices. Our goal is to guide you toward a pathway of inner peace, harmony and healing; to experience joy/love by embracing the spirituality, knowledge of healing & philosopies of all cultures. We all were given the power to heal, ourselves and others. Enjoy and explore these possibilities for yourself within these pages.

This website has focused its research and presents to you unbiased information in a simplistic, condensed and beneficial way so that you can easily understand some of the complexities of alternative, complementary and holistic health care; and in that regard addressing all aspects of the whole body to include not only our physical self, but how our mind, spirit, food, climate, culture, knowledge, beliefs, etc. can and often do affect our personalized journey.

As time progresses, additional symptoms, testimonials, categories and interactions among our patrons will be included based on financial funding, thus establishing communication that will be valuable to, our visitors and the many health care providers in Arizona that can assist you.

As you travel within there are tabs (noted to the left) which will direct you to your desired choices, and most are self-explanatory. The Symptoms category is where you may find suggestions/solutions for your particular health concerns. Definitions will describe, in detail, the different types of alternative practices and their philosophies. Practitioners is a listing of those alternative healthcare providers within Arizona who may be able to assist you in the future. (more to come in the future). Recently we added the Education page which lists Arizona alternative heathcare schools and, the Mind, Body, Spirit category which introduces many avenues that can and will enhance your spirituality and its relationship with your body. Please remember your spirit is the conductor in the symphony of your lifetime. Nurturing, love and respect is all it needs for peace and longevity.

We look forward to continuing the development of information for you, providing you with ideas to enhance the quality and longevity of your life through whatever modality you choose. AzWellness is dedicated to "helping people help themselves with their health and wellness". Thank you for visiting and contributing to the growth of our healthcare community.

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athletes foot
bites - insects
blood pressure, high
cold, common
congestion, nasal

gums, bleeding
hot flashes
strain, sprain

urinary tract infection
vaginal yeast infection
warts, common

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